To purchase, download, or add a photo to a Lightbox, you need to select it. See below for instructions on selecting one or more photos and/or video clips. 


  • Select an asset by hovering your mouse over it and pressing ‘S’ on your keyboard. 
  • Select an asset by clicking the checkbox in the lower right corner.

Select All

  • Click 'Select All' in the toolbar at the top of the browsing pane or press Ctrl+A

Select None

  • Press Ctrl+N


  1. Select multiple assets by first selecting one asset and then holding down the Shift key while dragging your mouse across the desired assets. 
  2. A red dotted line should appear over the assets as you go. 
  3. Release the Shift key and mouse when they are selected.


  1. Select the first asset by hovering over it and pressing 'S.'
  2. Hold shift and press 'S' to select another asset. All assets between the first and second assets will be selected. 

Tip: The software will copy whatever the initial action is, so you can also use this to uncheck assets by unchecking the first asset and then dragging your cursor over the undesired assets.