The Curation Status section of the Contributor Dashboard allows you to keep track of where your uploads are in the review process. Uploaded assets can be deleted at any point prior to being accepted or rejected by Team Tandem. 

To view the assets at any stage, simply click the corresponding number. Note that there may be a minor lag in the number count presented if your assets are currently under review. 

Curation Status Stages

  • Pending: The assets have not yet been reviewed by members of Team Tandem. The period of time your work spends in the "pending" stage varies depending on the size of the upload and the current volume of uploads across the entire contributor base.
  • Accepted: Your work has been approved for sale in the Tandem Stock archive. Customers can now view your work and potentially license it. 
  • Rejected: Your work has been kept from the archive. There could be one or more reasons for this status. For example, images that are out of focus, lack interesting content, violate our submission guidelines, or are of low-quality will be rejected.