Your Royalties Report is located in the Contributor Dashboard under your Account. This is where you find a live record of all pending and completed royalties. 

View Royalties Report

  • Go to Account
  • Select Contributor Dashboard
  • Click on the Report link at the bottom of the Royalties digest
  • You will be redirected to a table-formatted report with your Royalties to date.

Download Royalties Report

  • Navigate to the Royalties Report
  • Select "CSV" or "XLS" at the bottom of the report
  • The report will download to your hard drive

Status Key

There are four status options: 

  • Pending: An invoice has been created for one of your assets. The customer has not yet paid. 
  • Due: Tandem has received payment for the asset(s) and is preparing to disburse funds. This may take up to 30-45 days for non-credit card payments.
  • Paid: Tandem has deposited payment to the contributor. This sale is now closed. 
  • Cancelled: In rare cases, a customer will change their mind after an invoice has been created. This status means that your asset has been de-selected for use and the sale has been cancelled.