Follow these steps to upload your latest work for review by Team Tandem. You have the ability to add metadata after it has been uploaded, but the more metadata in place prior to review, the higher the chances that your work will be accepted.

Create a New Upload Set

First, log into your account. Click the blue "Upload" button in the upper right corner of your browser window and then "Add Files" to search for local files or drag and drop files into the browser window.

Wait for the assets to finish uploading and processing before clicking the green "Next" button in the upper right. Your photos may process in a random order if some of the files are much bigger than the others. 

It is important that you wait for your assets to display thumbnails before clicking Next. Moving on too soon creates the risk that the upload will not be successful and we won't receive your work.

After you press "Next," you'll be taken through some steps to add metadata. The first piece is the set name. This is the name for this group of photos; no customers will see it and it will not appear in the general search results.

If you have model or property releases, upload them at this step. You can upload as many as you need.

If there are tags that apply to everything you've uploaded, such as "has people" or "released," you can add them once here and they will be applied to all photos uploaded to this set today and later.

The final step is optional - all assets are listed out with any embedded metadata displayed, so you can scroll through and add any missing captions, locations, or more specific tags. If everything is ready to go, click "Next" to complete the process. 

You'll be redirected to a view of all your past upload sets. To reach this page from anywhere in the account, go to Assets > My Photos.