When you want to send a Lightbox to someone outside of the Vault system instead of adding a collaborator, you can utilize the Share feature. The person or people who receive this link will be able to access the assets within the Lightbox. To share a Lightbox, follow the instructions below. 

Share a Lightbox via Form

  1. Open the Lightbox.

  2. Find and click the arrow icon in the right side of the toolbar or press CTRL+Shift+S.

  3. Complete the form.

  4. Click Share.

If the order of assets is an important aspect of sharing your Lightbox, you can click "Save Current Sort Order" under the Lightbox tab located on the upper right. 

Please note that recipients can still adjust the order through the sort options. You can only manage their first impression, but if the position is an important piece of understanding the Lightbox, we recommend leaving a note in the Share Form with instructions to click the "Position" option from the Sort dropdown. 

Share a Lightbox via Link

  1. Open the Lightbox
  2. Hover over the Lightbox's name in the upper right corner
  3. Select Edit Lightbox
  4. Copy the share link
  5. Paste as needed

Note: A recipient of the share link can download and share the link with others until you delete the Lightbox.