Lightroom (LR) is an application in the Adobe Creative Cloud that provides the ability to organize, sort, and make non-destructive edits to digital assets. This plugin is designed to let LR users upload their completed LR projects directly into Tandem, which cuts down on the need to switch between applications, therefore creating a smoother workflow for LR users.

Install the Lightroom Plugin (MacOS and Windows)

  1. Go to Profile Settings
  2. Click the Download option under Lightroom Plugin
  3. Save the Plugin (Be sure to unzip first!)
    1. MacOS: Applications folder
    2. Windows: Programs folder
  4. Launch Lightroom
  5. Open the Lightroom Publishing Manager
  6. Click the Add button
  7. The Tandem Vault Plugin will appear under Publish Services on the left of Lightroom
  8. Click the words "set-up" on the plugin
  9. Enter your account domain ( and API key
  10. Click Authorize
  11. Your Stock username will appear above the domain in the Publishing Manager modal 
  12. Click Save

Upload to Default Upload Set

  1. Drag and drop assets into the folder labeled "Lightroom" on the lower left side
  2. Click on it
  3. you will see new photos to publish and published assets
  4. Click publish as you add more completed assets

Please note that there is not an option to create subfolders or sub-collections when creating Upload Sets. You can, however, create new Upload Sets in Lightroom that will be mirrored in Tandem Stock. 

Create New Upload Set 

  1. Right click the Tandem Vault icon under Publish Services in Lightroom
  2. Select Create Upload Set from the dropdown menu
  3. Give your new Set a name
  4. It will appear in a list under the Tandem Vault icon in Lightroom and in your Vault account

The plugin does not support reciprocal uploading at this time, meaning that if you attempt to add photos or other assets to Lightroom through your Upload Sets in TandemStock, you will not see those same assets appear in Lightroom. 

Disconnect the Plugin

  1. Go to the Lightroom Plugin Manager
  2. Click Disable next to Tandem Vault


  1. Right-click Tandem Vault under Publish Services
  2. Select 'delete' from the dropdown menu