You are responsible for your own keywords/tags. It is helpful if you add words that may not be obvious to members of Team Tandem but are directly applicable to your image. On occasion, Team Tandem will enhance keywords on behalf of our contributors, but we can only do so if you have started the process and included enough information for us to infer more information about the subject matter. 

We strongly recommend that you use for suggestions on keywords to add to your images. 

We know that keywording your images can be painful. We know that you probably don't want to do it. However, the searchability of your images relies on these keywords and is therefore a direct contributing factor to your financial success on our platform. 

Please note that terms included in your caption should also appear in your tags because these are separate search filters.

IMPORTANT: If your images have a model or property release, it is imperative that you include the keyword "released" so that the field is auto-triggered on our site. This will allow your images to be filtered accordingly on our site.