Edit Individual Assets

  1. Click on the asset to open the detail view
  2. Locate the desired metadata field; it may be located on the right or the left.
  3. Click the field to add or update the metadata
  4. If applicable, click Save

If you are sure that the metadata you want to add is equally applicable to a group of assets, you can apply it as a bulk action to save time.

Bulk Edit Assets

  1. Select the assets that need to be edited
  2. Go to More Actions in the toolbar at the top of the viewing pane
  3. Select Bulk Update Meta or press Shift + E on your keyboard
  4. Review the modal to find the applicable field (see illustration for example options)
  5. Select the desired field and add or update the metadata
  6. Click Update to save your changes

Note: A progress bar will appear at the bottom as a visual as the updates are being made, but you do not need to wait for the bar to complete or disappear before leaving the page or moving on to another task.