Can I edit the metadata in an upload set?

Yes, you can edit the metadata (general tags, title, location, etc.) at any point prior to curation. After curation, changes to metadata will need to be made at the asset level. 

Can I add a set title after uploading?

Yes, you can edit the title and any other metadata after uploading. Just go to Assets > My Photos, find the set, and then click the pencil icon next to it or go into the set itself, click the name, and select Edit Info.

How many photos can I upload at a time?

There is not a limit to how many photos you can upload at a time, but we recommend uploading in smaller batches of 200-500 photos to reduce the chance of interruption and allow you to submit organized work.

Can I add to an upload set later?

Yes, you can add to an upload set anytime. Simply go to the set, click its name, and either drag photos into the window or click the "Add Files" button in the upper right.

Can I delete an upload set?

Yes, you can delete an upload set at any point prior to curation. Once the assets have been curated, they are live and available to customers. 

Why does my upload set look empty?

If you check on one of your upload sets and find that it now looks empty, that means it was curated and none of the contents were accepted at this time.